The Unicorn Rescue Society: The Creature of the Pines

  • 1 min read


By Adam Gidwitz

Illustrated by Hatem Aly

Book Source: Borrowed from Library

Book Status: published

This book is about two kids named Uchenna and Elliot, who go on a field trip to the Jersey Pine Barrens. They see a Jersey devil. When it is time to leave, the Jersey devil gets on their bus. Uchenna tries to catch it but it escapes. The kids need to find it and keep it safe!

This book is called Unicorn Rescue Society but they never rescue one in the book. I do like that they rescue mythical creatures. Maybe they rescue an unicorn in one of the upcoming books.

Kids will enjoy the adventure because there are lots of twists and turns. The mythical stuff is fun because there are no rules. Anything could happen in the story.

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