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To the Moon and Back


By Buzz Aldrin and Marianne J Dyson

Paper engineering by Bruce Foster

Book Source: From Media Masters Publicity in exchange for review

Book Status: Available on October 16, 2018

This is a pop-up book about Buzz Aldrin going to the moon.  You get to make a Apollo Lunar Module too.  Each page has lots of details and information about the space race.  The fact that Buzz Aldrin helped make it makes it very cool. He was the second man on the moon.

I learned the John F Kennedy helped make sure people could go to the moon. I learned that the Saturn V rocket was bigger than the Statue of Liberty. That sounds HUGE!

On some pages, there are very big pop-ups. Other pages have smaller ones and some pages have pull out cards.  The different paper art makes it even cooler.  It helps you understand size and see details on things.  You do have to be careful because pop-ups are fragile. The book would not be as great if your pop-up was broken, so not a book for little kids who rip things.

This book would be great for kids interested in space, like me. I loved going to the Kennedy Space Center and I met Frederick Gregory in person. Meeting Buzz Aldrin would be CRAZY, mind blowing and brain blowing… [POOF]

I give this book infinity stars!

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