• 2 min read

By J.A. White

Book Source: Received in August OwlCrate Jr

Book Status: Available

This book is about a boy who gets trapped in a magical apartment of a witch. Backstory: the boy likes scary stories but he wants to be normal so he TRYS to go to the boiler of his apartment building then when the elevator stops on the fourth floor he hears his favorite scary movie and knocks on the door of one of the apartments then when the witch answers she invites him to watch the movie with her. Then all of it disappears. The witch movie is that she is the witch in that none of the things that he saw were real in the movie was not actually played she also reveals that the apartment Lures kids into it with things they like so they can get trapped. Oops! That did not go as quick as I thought.😬 Then in the apartment he meets another kid who is trapped named Yasmin. ( yes, I’m not revealing his name so it is a surprise)

I think this book is unique because I’ve never read a book about a kid getting kidnapped by a witch in a magical apartment!

I like this book because it is a mix of scary and funny. 🤔💭😀scary-humor.

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