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By E.L. Konigsburg

Book Source: Library

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My grandma was a teacher and she recommended this book to me.

This book is about a group of kids and their teacher. The kids’ and teacher’s names are Nadia, Julian, Noah, Ethan and Ms. Olinski. The group of 5 are a team for the state trivia contest where they have beat all the 6 and 7th grade teams and are up against the last team left! Ms. Olinski is coaching and the kids are competing and they are going back and forth with the other team….. and the winner is SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops! so back to the story. Something interesting is they all have something in common! Julian’s Dad has a bed and breakfast and Nadia’s grandparents are going to stay there ( they’re Ethan’s grandparents to!) Noah was best man at the grandparents wedding and the grandma was the principal of the school while Ms Olinski worked at the school before she became parapalegic.

This book is unique because it starts in the end of the competition we’re never going against the eighth graders instead of the sixth graders going against them.

I like this book because it has hidden details so read slowly!

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