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Yesterday was ComiqueCon, which is about women and non-binary comic/graphic novel. This was the third year and my third time attending. My mom is friends with Chelsea, the founder.

This year I was asked to be part of the team! I co-hosted a craft event based on The Cardboard Kingdom. If you haven’t guessed by now, it was my book of the summer. It is in the running for my best book of 2018.

It was super fun to cohost with Katie Schenkel, one of the authors. I met her in Ann Arbor when I first got the book so it was great to reconnect after I fell in love with the book. Plus she wrote the Banshee character, which I relate to a lot. I think that character really describes life as an ADHD girl!

Ps so happy she sold out of her books!!!!!

I also got to attend a discussion with Penelope Bagieu, author of Brazen. Bummed to hear she won’t be writing another but do really love the book. I even got her to sign my book.

And I made a Cardboard Kingdom inspired costume for the cosplay contest. There was not a fairy in the book but if I was a kid in the neighborhood I would have been the fairy. With the help of my mom, I made a double costume. One side was the Kingdom version and one side was what the kid would make. My costume was tricky to make and I didn’t quite get things just right, but still it was fun.

And the best part is I won first place in the Kids Cosplay Contest!

I really love ComiqueCon because it is nice to be surrounded by other girls who love comics and graphic novels.

Did you know it was a graphic novel that made me want to read so much? With Cleopatra in Space, there probably wouldn’t be this blog.

So let kids read comics and graphic novels!

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