Something from Nothing

  • 2 min read

By Damian Synadinos

Book Source: provided by author in exchange for honest review

Book Status: available

This book is about 2 puppets who want to put on a play but they don’t know what to do or what the play should be. One puppet suggests that they make a play about something but do not plan it. That is called improv. The book is really about teaching kids about improv.

This is not a little kid read on your own book. It is a read out loud book. It would be a good picture book for bigger kids like fourth graders. It was interesting to learn about improv. It would be cool to try with my classmates. If my class did it, it would be unicorns, penguins, football and Fortnite. Hahaha – your brain just made that story in your head and I bet it is ridiculous. Fourth graders are ridiculous sometimes. It is what makes us awesome 🤗.

This book is unique because it is a picture book about a term you wouldn’t see in a regular one.

I like this book because the illustrations are cool. The illustrations have 2 types: preschooler/kindergarten coloring and grown up animation/cartoon style.

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