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By Juan Felipe Herrera

Illustrated by Lauren Castillo

Book Source: Gifted to me by Kim Campbell

Book Status: Available

This book is about when the author was kid. It is written in poem form and has really nice illustrations.

Okay, this is a read aloud book but a kid will probably need a grownup to help them understand. I struggled to understand this until my mom explained that it was his childhood story. This is the first poem life story picture book I have read so it was a new way to hear the story. I will probably have to read a lot more times to really get it.

My recommendation is this would be a book for upper grade reading. A picture book for fourth grade and older. A teacher could use it to teach poetry and show a different way to tell your life story. The class could look up Juan Felipe Herrera to learn more about him and how poetry has been part of his life.

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