Lilac Skully

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Written by Amy Cesari

Book Source: owned (third Gifted to me by author)

Book Status: Available

This Book is about a girl who lives in a mansion infested with ghosts who are known as: Fredrick “mr fright”, Milly ” little girl ghost”, Archie and Bram “the Butler ” so her father goes missing and when she tries to do a seance to get rid of the ghosts Mr fright gets mad and starts shaking the door some strange people break in that night that apparently want to kidnap the ghosts so they work together to stop the people but mr fright won’t cooperate until the end of the book– SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! 😬 oops.

This book is unique because most books that include ghosts are about the people fighting them, not befriending themb.

Plus there are two more books in the series to enjoy!

okay I’m updating this review so the other books are featured. On with the review:

Lilac Skully 2

This book is about Lilac breaking into Black, Black, and Gremory and finding her dad, ( she doesn’t rescue him though!) riding A ghost carriage to get there and getting kidnAped to the under world.

This book is unique because : same as first one.

Lilac Skully 3

This book is about Lilac making friends and going to an amusement park where she finds Black, Black, and Gremory trying too kidnap every single ghost in the amusement park. You also get to know what The Blue Lady did to her sister Astrid ( Lady o’ lightning, light house ghost.).

This book is unique because: same as first one.

Ummm totally can’t wait for #4. Amy, if you need a reviewer for it, I am your gal!

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