Counting Thyme

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By Melanie Conklin

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

This book is an example of a book I waited to read. We picked it up not long after it was published. Mom read it first and suggested I wait to read it. She handed it to me recently and said now was a time to read it. So let’s do a review with Mom on why she wanted me to wait..

Mom, why did you want me to wait to read it? You would have been capable of reading it. I felt you were not going to be able to really understand the book at 7 but knew it would be something you could relate to at a later age. Now was a good time for you to read it.

Why is now a good time for me? Both you and your brother have adhd. Managing that has caused lots of ups and downs in life. It also requires periods where I am more focused on one of you than the other. Two years ago, the focus was on you. Right now, it is only your brother. Apparently second grade is a tough year for you both.

Okay okay, thats enough Mom, now let’s talk about the book:

This book is about a girl who moves from California to New York because her little brother has cancer and he starts a new drug trial. She goes to her new school and makes friends with 2 girls named Lizzie and Emma and developed a crush on a boy named Jake. Her school starts a production of:

~The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz~

She signs up for sound production with Jake. She also has a grumpy neighbor.

She also feels like her parents don’t care about her and really wants to go home to California.

Oh and mom told me to tell you why I think that they saved it till now: I think it is that I would not be able to understand the story board. Now I can understand because right know I feel a little ignored by my parents as they are helping my brother. They aren’t really ignoring me. He just needs their attention.

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