Story Thieves

  • 2 min read

By James Riley

Book Source: owned

Book Status: available

This book is about a boy who’s classmate can go in and outta books. He begs her to take him into his favorite book only to find that one character does not like the idea of being an imaginary character in a book. The main one, on the other hand, is not sure. The boy splits up with the girl and takes the place of the main character while he goes with the girl to stop the character who doesn’t like being a character in a book.

This book is unique because usually characters don’t switch places with characters in their favorite book.

Bonus! Last year my classmate dressed up as the boy in this book!

Bonus!! You can see that I love this book because of how worn out it is!

Bonus!!! This book is kinda like wonders because after the characters split up, every other chapter is about one characters adventure and the others are about the other characters!

Bonus!!!! This book was kinda hard to put in words for the review!

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