If you give the Puffin a muffin

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By Timothy Young

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Book Status: available

Our favorite angry Puffin is back being a cranky pants. This time someone nicely offers him a muffin and it sets him off big time (kind of like my brother and I somedays). He rants, he raves, he complains and lots of silliness occurs. I love how Timothy Young sneaks in things in his books. You will have to read this to find his Easter eggs because I don’t need an angry Puffin at my door.

I just like that there is a Puffin book even though he makes fun of penguins. Puffin better stop that or I might stop liking him. (Penguins 4evah) The books are funny to read out loud because you can make lots of silly voices for the attitudes.

I think this would be a fun book for any kid. Puffin is as ridiculous as kids are about silly things. We get mad because you give us the wrong cup color or pants are scratchy. We don’t know why but it just does. I am sure it is the same for Puffin.

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