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Debbie Reed Fischer

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1.     When you were my age (9), did you like to read?

At age 9, I absolutely LOVED to read! The characters in books were friends in my head. This may be because I grew up in foreign countries,and very often, there weren’t any television shows or movies in English. Books were my number one source of entertainment.

2.     What was your favorite story?

My favorite story was a true story of my mom’s childhood in Cuba, and how she found a way to get enrolled in the American School in Guantanamo at age 10 even though she didn’t yet speak English. Someday I may write about it. But my favorite book when I was nine was Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls. I loved all the stories about his two dogs and growing up in the mountains. My teacher read it aloud to us every day after recess, and that twenty minutes of reading was the highlight of my school day

3.     How do you get your ideas?  Like why did you write a book about a 2E girl? (We are super ultra rares, limited editions so why us?)

I love this question! And yes, you are rare, like a beautiful blue diamond! I’m inspired by people and events from real life, as well as questions to which I truly don’t know the answer. I write the book to get answers, and, of course, to have fun. Doing anything creative is super fun! As far as why I wrote a book about a twice exceptional girl with ADHD, I didn’t have to look for inspiration. The author’s note at the end of my book explains the genesis of This is not the Abby Show in more detail, but in a nutshell, both my son and I have characteristics that are very similar to Abby’s. Another influence came from my teaching years. As a teacher, I had students who were twice exceptional, and I was inspired by them, as well as kids I knew from childhood. Also, at the time I wrote this book, I noticed there were no novels about middle school girls with ADHD. Only books with male characters that had ADHD existed, and I thought that was wrong. Both boys and girls should be able to see themselves in a book. I certainly didn’t see any Jewish main characters with this condition. So all of those factors influenced my ideas and journey when writing this novel. 

4.     What author do you really like right now?

I just read a young adult novel that hasn’t come out yet by my friend Alex Flinn, and I love it! It’s called Girls of July, It’s launching in just a few months.

5.     Do you have any new or lesser known authors you would suggest?

Jonathan Rosen for funny middle grade vampire books. I think reading should be fun and entertaining, and he delivers. Dorian Cirrone is another favorite. It’s hard to put her last book down, The First Last Day.Danette Haworth. Brenda Ferber. Donna Gephart is very well-known, but I have to include her because I love her MG books. Christina Gonzalez too. I really like this question because I think both kids and adult should be book detectives and discover books that are terrific but not as well-known, even though they are written by talented, wonderful authors. If you read what everyone else is reading, you’ll think what everyone else is thinking, and it’s important to develop your own point-of-view. Books are the best way to do that, in my opinion. 🙂 

6.     What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author?

The best advice I can give isn’t original, but it works: read a lot and write a lot. That’s it. Also, reach out to authors you like on social media or write to them on their websites for inspiration. Ask them to do a Skype visit with your class or, if they’re local, visit your school. And never, ever give up. YOU CAN DO IT!

7.     As an author, do you hear from your readers? 

The number one best part of being an author is hearing from readers. It means the world. Any creative field is filled with disappointments sometimes, but knowing your book made a difference in someone’s life is an author’s dream come true. With This is not the Abby Show, I’ve heard from kids, parents, teachers, and siblings of children with ADHD and from kids who are Jewish. They say they’ve never read a character who was so much like them, and that they’ve read the book over and over because it resonated so much. I even get letters from doctors saying thank you because my book is helping patients and families. I recently heard from a mom who said her son went out and did stand-up comedy like Abby did in the book, and it changed his life. I Skyped with their ADHD support group and it was fantastic! I can’t adequately express how rewarding that is. All I ever hoped for was to get published and be someone’s favorite author because they could relate to what I was writing. My dream has come true. 

8.     If you could portal into any book (yours or another person’s), what book would it be?

If I’m being honest, I mentally portal into my book-in-progress whenever I’m writing it. As far as books I’ve read, I would love to portal back in time, and my favorite historical book of fiction is Jane Eyre, so I would portal back into that novel. The character of Jane inspires me to stay strong, think for myself, and stand up for my convictions. I also like to laugh a lot when I read, so I’d portal my middle grade self into Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I think Greg and I would be friends. 🙂 I was honored that a reviewer from Booklist compared my book to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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Two dogs in a trench coat go to school

By Julie Falatko

Illustrated by Colin Jack

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: available

This is a very funny book. It is very silly to think of two dogs going to school and the teacher not noticing. My teacher sees everything. I know because I get in trouble a lot for no reason.

The dogs go to school because they want to rescue their human. They find school to be fun so stay. The music teacher thinks they are good singers. One even talks like a person. I do not think my principal would two dogs in a trench coat coming to school. I also think she would know they are dogs.

Kids who are not enjoying school would like this book. It makes school seem fun. I also think kids starting to read chapter books would like this. I have been reading it by myself and sometimes with an adult.

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Misunderstood Shark: Friends don’t eat friends

By Ame Dyckman

Pictures by Scott Magoon

Book Source: Sent by publisher for review

Book Status: Out on January 29, 2019

Lots of books show up for Bridget every week. Sometimes I steal them because I want mail. She is starting to let me read picture books first. This is one I got first!

This shark really wants friends. He doesn’t always make good choices in how he is a friend. That makes it hard for the people who would be his friend. In this book, he has to deal with eating a friend at the end of the last book. He is trying to make it up.

This is fun to read out loud. It is silly to think of a shark trying to make friends. It is silly to think about eating a friend. I hope someone reads this book out loud at school.

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Bark in the Park

By Avery Corman

Pictures by Hyewon Yum

Book Source: sent by publisher for review

Book Status: out on March 26, 2019

I wish I could have a puppy. Dad says no. So I am reading about all the books I can find about them.

This is poems about different dogs. Some are long and some are short. They are fun to say out loud. You learn about the dog type.

This is a good book if you are trying to pick out a dog. The pictures are fun. I didn’t know there were so many types of dogs. Now I am confused over what kind of dog I want.

I like to read this at night. I can read it in pieces and that is easy.

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By Jarrett Lerner

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

Book Reviewer: Lil Brother

Bridget may not have finished Enginerds but I did. I love it! Last weekend I watched IRON GIANT and I don’t believe Jarrett when he says he has not seen it. The book and movie are very close to each other though one has farting robots and the other has a weapon robot.

You can find out what the book is about in a lot of reviews so I am going to talk about why I liked it.

1. It is a very fun book to read out loud

2. Farting, eating robots are funny

3. The robots build themselves which is cool (and like the Iron Giant does)

4. The boys are kind of naughty. They should not keep secrets! (like the boy in Iron Giant)

5. There is a second book coming out and I am excited about it. (Bridget is too so I will probably have to borrow her copy)

I recommend this book to people who like robots, who like the Iron Giant movie, people who likes to eat a lot, people who think farting is funny and people who just need to laugh. Little boys will definitely like this book. Grouchy teachers will not. And I wonder if I could get my principal to read it.

Hi Jarrett! I know you are reading this. I want to know what you think of Iron Giant….. 🛳🚝🤖🤖🥰

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Construction site on Christmas Night

By Sherri Duskey Rinker and AG Ford

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

Reviewer: Lil Brother

This is the start of the Lil Brother take over. And I am in charge, I am not annoying. I am amazing.

I was very happy to see this book at the school book fair. I like all the Construction Site books. I love Construction site stuff. You should see my pajamas right now.

In this story the trucks are getting ready for bed on Christmas night. They each get a present which is a new piece of construction equipment. You also find out what they have been building all along. It is a new firehouse. There are new fire trucks in this book.

I like the rhyming of this book. I like it is the same trucks from the other books. I like you have watched the construction site grow in the books.

I recommend this book to everyone who like construction trucks.

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This is not the Abby Show

By Debbie Reed Fischer

Book Source: Own

Book Status: Available

PS – there is a giveaway option at the end of this so read all the way through

While discussing my excitement for an upcoming book about an ADHD girl, it was suggested I find this book. OMG OMG best recommendation ever! It is so cool to find a book about a 2E girl because I am one. And it isn’t a butterfly and rainbows story, it is exactly how my life is, well not exactly but close.

The first few chapters were very hard to read because it was hard reading how people think an ADHD kid behaves. Her teacher was really mean and not helping. I have also experienced that.

So on with the review:

This book is about a girl who has ADHD and gets in A LOT of trouble, I’m not telling what, but it’s big! She has to go to summer school instead of the camp she was going to go to! It’s partially because her teacher, Mr. Finsecker, is the absolute WORST TEACHER ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He doesn’t even read her IEP! She flunks cause of his super bad support and teaching!

Then things turn around when she gets a nice summer school teacher, he’s the absolute BEST TEACHER ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He helps her learn to manage her adhd and encourages her to use some of it as a superpower. It would be nice to have more teachers like him.

It was nice to see how Abbey managed friendships, she had one that included her and her “BFF”. The BFF was super mean. The she learns to be friends with kids that she never thought to try to befriend. In the end she works on her bad friendship.

This book is unique because, for one, most books about ADHD kids are NOT about a Jewish girl, for two, of every kind of book, I think the books about ADHD people as the least read & made. For 3 ADHD book characters lives are always cupcakes and butterflies!!!!

People who should read this are…. kids with ADHD, parents of kids with ADHD, people interested in the lives of kids with ADHD, and well anyone that has a connection to ADHD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really recommend it for teachers to understand what life is really like with ADHD.

Life as a 2E kid is not easy at all. People think because you are super smart it is but nope. Life usually feels unbalanced. Life seems harder than it does for other kids. It can feel like nothing you do is right. The first line in the book nails it.

Seriously this book is the story of my life or pretty darn close to it.

Giveaway: I am giving away a copy of this book (plus a bookmark & sticker). To enter leave a comment on this post about the book that you unexpectedly fell in love with. Giveaway runs until next Friday December 21st