Finding new books

I’m a little burnt out on book reviews, so this week I’m going to talk about how 5 different ways books have changed the way I read. Today I want the share cool way I get a new surprise book every month.

once a month a box like this arrives at my door. I never know what’s in it. Sometimes it has, a book, an eraser, a pen, a stationary pad, a whistle and other cool things related to the box theme. Sometimes it has two books or candy.

This is OwlCrate Jr. I started getting these in April and they are now one of my highlights of the month. I haven’t loved all the books but this exposes me to new books and authors. It has been a fun way to expand my reading world. For me it even turned me into a spooky book reader (more on that later this week).

One of the cool things is each book comes with a letter from the author and a signed bookplate! You get hint of the next month’s book theme but not the actual book. I have yet to guess the book! I have gotten books that were on my to read list like Aru Shah, which was exciting! I have even met one of the authors in person because it turns out he lives near me. (PS I loved the book)

For a kid reader like me, these would be a fun present. If you are a teacher or librarian, it could be a fun way to find new books.

I am so happy my parents are renewing my subscription for Christmas (yep I already know a present but best part is I get to unwrap it all year long)


I don’t use affiliate links or other codes like that in my review. I am sharing my referral code as they like to track referrals. I don’t get anything from it so no pressure.

1 thought on “Finding new books”

  1. Nice post!!
    When I saw the picture, I got to know that you are so small kid ( it is appreciation!! ).
    I didn’t feel that I was reading a post by a kid!!
    That’s so inspiring Bridget ☺️
    Loved your spirit 💕
    And I loved the idea of opening a new box every month!! That’s so exciting !!

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