Fairly true Bridget tales

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This post is about how I got into fairy tales.

So I never really liked fairytales because most had a helpless, screaming, crying, shouting for a big strong man, Princess! Can you believe it? Girls, we are better than that! My favorite princess is a good one, Merida, cause she doesn’t need anyone, anything (except her bow and arrows) to save her mom who turned into a bear because a cake Merida brung to her ( its not entirely her fault).

Okay back to the other stuff, so I started liking fairytales this year when OwlCrate delivered Grump by Liesl Shurtliff in my trusty Box ‘O Books. Grump is about Grumpy!!! He’s my favorite dwarf from the seven dwarves. It’s about how he explored the upworld and became friends with the evil queen and then starts to hate her and helping Snow White. That led me to Rump, and Red, then Liesl Shurtliff led me to Bridget Hodder who wrote Rat Prince.

This is kinda an example of not giving up, I mean, I read a genre I wasn’t sure I’d like but I still read it.

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