To all the books I didn’t love

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This post is dedicated to books I didn’t like.

Like Enginerds by Jarrett Lerner… I tried it twice but didn’t like it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about #2 ( partially because the should start behaving because there’s a girl.) i have also recommended Enginerds to soo many people and they all have loved it. (PS Jarrett already knows about this and he still likes me 😘)

The point is even if I don’t love a book, I won’t ignore it. I will try to find the person who will love it.

I know it is okay to not like a book. All books are not for all kids. We each need to find our book. There may be books I LOVE that you don’t and vice versa. Guess what we can still be friends!

It is also important that we let kids know it is okay to not like or love a book. It should be more important to help them find THEIR book. This is why I think all books should be considered. It is why you see big publishing houses, little ones and self published on my blog. If I didn’t keep that variety I would miss out on so many good books!

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