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The Train to Impossible Places

By PG Bell

Book Source: OwlCrate JR

Book Status: Available

This book is about a girl who finds a train in her living room! She sneaks onboard and, wow, she became deputy postmaster!! Her first delivery is the evil lady Crepuscula. The package is a snowglobe of a frog. The frog, miraculously, tells her not to deliver him because he knows stuff Lady Crepuscula could use to take over the union of impossible places.

This book is unique because usually trolls don’t actually engineer, and they don’t really know anything! In this book you will be surprised by what trolls can make, like a car made out of a couch, washing machine, and 2 bicycles.

I got to stop because I really liked it and it surprised me how much I liked it. I would tell you everything.

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