Ultra Squad

  • 1 min read

By Julia Devillers

Illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Book Source: owned

Book Status: available

Hey, I love Justice clothing stores, so when I saw this I was sure to pick it up.

This book is about 4 girls who, during their class, get called to the vice principal who turns into a monster! But, fortunately it is a good monster, who is the chief recruitment officer for the Ultra-classified Ultra-Inter-Galactic Agency of Ultra, apparently Ultra stands for Ultimate League of Extra Terrestrial Randoms And Humans Too. I’m wondering only one thing, if the Agency of Ultra is soo classified, why do their parents see such proudness and honor and other stuff, for their kids when they see that they’re picked?

This book is unique because usually if something is classified, the parents don’t know about it.

PS🤫 I love the way Rafael Rosado illustrated this graphic novel!!

PS🤫🤫 Not just cause he’s my buddy!

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