Kate and the Horses

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By Wendy Ledger

Book Source: Provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

This book is about a girl named Kate who moves from New York, New York to California, and goes to a horse camp. Her reason for going is in New York, a carriage horse actually spoke to her! The horse on the flyer looked exactly like the horse that spoke to her. When she gets there, she goes to the stables first, where, not knowing it, the horses spoke to each other in the way she could hear. She asks why they said that in front of her, and they are surprised that she could hear them. The, a councilor comes in and tells her she can’t be in the stables unsupervised. When camp starts, they are assigned a group. Right before camp started, 3 girls had made fun of her because at a deli, she had wanted to order a tongue sandwich. Guess who she’s assigned to? Those girls! Melissa, Donna, and Jill are assigned to her group! She is really good at ridding the horses since she can talk to them.

This book is unique because when somebody can talk to animals,

  • Their life is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!
  • It’s magic.
  • It’s not the animals choice.
  • It doesn’t happen at a horse riding summer camp
  • The animals don’t have an organization that says that the horses would get into trouble if they talk to her!
    And much more!
  • BUT THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Everyone should read this book if they can read long chapter books!
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