Fallen Empire

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By Mike Maihack

Book Source: Provided by Scholastic for review

Book Status: Out on March 26, 2019

I finally got Cleopatra In Space 5!!! In this one there’s even more EXPLOSIVE EXPLOSIONS!!!!!!! Half of it is about GOZI!!! Okay, on with the review!!

This book is about Cleopatra who—- no. 😑. It’s about Cleopatra and GOZI!!!!!!!! So the first half reveals why Gozi hates, hates, and hates Cleo, ( he thinks that she left him on purpose ). It shows how a miscommunication in a friendship can horribly, world destroyingly wrong. There are also lots of twists and turns.

Cleopatra and her friends get into real deep trouble. She sees who will stand by her even in when she is accused of a crime. The cat council is really visible in this book. I like the cat council so much I just named my new cat “Khensu”. (yea I really like this series).

Mike did an awesome job on the illustrations. The pages that show Gozi’s life without Cleopatra and without words are really cool. I can forgive Mike for making me and all of us wait an extra year for this one. Because it is AWESOME! It is definitely worth the wait.

If you haven’t read Cleopatra In Space yet, read the first four and then this one. You will love it.

If you are a Cleopatra fan make sure you have you have your plan for getting a copy as soon as possible. Preorders are always good. Even though I got a review copy, my comic book store has it preordered for me. I first found Cleopatra via them in a free Kids Day Comic. Boy, I wish I knew where that comic is now (Mike told me it has a small difference from the book).

Mike also assures me there is a book 6 but this time he isn’t telling me when it should be out. Just don’t make me wait too long!

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