Dragons eat noodles on Tuesday

By Jon Stahl

Illustrated by Tadgh Bentley

Book Source: provided by Scholastics for review

Book Status: available March 26, 2019

So this book just showed up at my house the other day and I loved it. It also has the very important schedule of dragon eating. So on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, people better stay inside. Monsters need to avoid Wednesdays. Savage cabbages should hide on Sundays. Tuesdays are noodle day which this noodle loving kid is fully on board with.

But besides that its really about how people make up stories as they go along. It’s silly because it is how people tell stories. Kind of like when your parents tell you the two sentence story to get you to bed. “Once upon a time there was a kid named Bridget. She went to bed. The end”

This can be a fun read aloud story. I am going to spoil the ending because it could scare a kid – the monsters realize it is not Tuesday, it is Wednesday so they get eaten by the dragon. It does set up for a second book of how they get out of the dragon’s stomach.

So with that in mind, this is a great fun book. I like it when surprise books show up! Now to go set up noodles for tomorrow’s dragon visit!

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