Motley Education

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motley education (2)

Written by S.A. Larsen

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While visiting my grandparents in Maine, my grandmother lent me a book by a local author to read. I didn’t finish that book but made note of the author’s name. When I visited Kim at South Portland Library, she had book marks signed by the very same author. I took it as a sign I needed to read S.A. Larsen books. When we got home, my mom got me Motley Education on her tablet.

This book is about a girl named Ebony, Ebony goes to a school for kids who can communicate and see spirits or make potions, so essentially a dark magic school…. in Maine! Ebony is not a very good student plus her dad is like the superintendent or something. Let’s just say kids who have issues at school will totally get Ebony. She is also know for some “weird” behaviors like using sign language to communicate with spirits which make her stand out from the other kids. So a kid who feels like they don’t belong will like Ebony.

The chain of events is a kid goes missing, Ebony uses a school project to open a magic door to trolls/fire giants and stuff like that, she meets a kid who is controlled by an evil spirit and she gets attacked by a fire giant. Doesn’t this sound like a school you want to go to? No, I am not so sure either but it sure is fun reading about it. It is exciting to see the book is also noted as Book 1 so there should be more adventures.

So if you have middle grade readers like me, this is a super fun fantasy book. I really liked the use of Norse Mythology in the story. I like mythology and like it when authors use mythology in a story. It is a neat way to introduce kids to mythology in a fun way. So if you are interested in mythology this could be a book for you.

If you like spooky books, this could be your book. So maybe everyone could find a reason to read this.

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