The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

  • 3 min read

By Stephanie Burgis

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

This book is about a dragon named Aventurine who’s family thinks she couldn’t survive and hour in the wilderness. When she sets of to prove them wrong, a food mage uses enchanted hot chocolate to turn her into a girl, and she goes on an adventure to try and get back to the family cave. But on the way, her grandpa flameballs her, and she decides to go to the big city the food mage told her about instead. On the way there, a lady named Greta finds her and takes her to the city. Don’t be fooled by her hospitality, she’s a very mean woman, trying to make Aventurine an unpaid maid for her house, doing all the work, and the only one there. But she loves chocolate soo much Aventurine escapes and try’s to get an apprenticeship to a chocolatier. The first two throw her out, but the last one, The Chocolate Heart, takes her in as an apprentice. The Chocolate Heart has a bad reputation for firing apprentices very quick because the owner, Marina makes quality more important than look. But Aventurine is not fired at all because she does exactly what is told and is rather fond of the owner. A little after she arrives at the city, a girl name Silke comes to her to help her get enough money to get nicer clothes. First they cut her long hair, then using the money she got from her hair cut, she got a nice dress that had color instead of the other peoples clothes ( they dressed like trees apparently) and some nice red boots. But when the king and the two princesses come in incognito, Marina and Horst ( they’re kinda like an unmarried pair) have an argument about how to make what the royals ordered they leave and Aventurine and Silke are left to make the order. 2 problems occur during the time the royals are there. The first one is that Aventurine has never made the order before, and the second one is that when the royals get their order, two people of the Lord Mayor come in and spin tales of mold by the oven, cockroaches in the chocolate cupboard, and other other disgusting lies. Ok I have to stop because if I don’t I’ll tell the whole story. 😬😬😬😬

This book is unique because usually it’s the girl that gets turned into the dragon and it’s a spell that transforms them not a dragon turned into a girl by enchanted hot chocolate.

I found it on my bookshelf and have had it for a while. It took me two days to read this. I am glad I waited to read it till now!

Kids who like adventure and fantasy stories will like this.

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