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Chicago Treasure

By Larry Broutman, Rich Green & John Rabias

Book Source: Provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available March 1, 2019

Special code: Bridget and the Books’ readers may use coupon code CTBLOG15 for a 15% discount on their entire order at Everything Goes Media

This book is about, well, a million million million things, so, every page it either a story or a picture and they are super fun to read together with a younger sibling or adult, or just as a family. It has fun small stories, and poems. Each poem and story is a fractured fairytale, which means they are changed in a way to make it funny.

This book is unique because it’s laid out kinda like a newspaper booklet and it’s really cool because that.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fractured fairytales, and like the book called The True Tale Of The Three Little Pigs.

One thought on “Chicago Treasure

  1. Bridget, thank you so much for your review of Chicago Treasure. I think your blog is wonderful and I am so impressed by you! Keep up the great work you are doing here! Sincerely, Rich


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