Chicago Treasure

By Larry Broutman, Rich Green & John Rabias

Book Source: Provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available March 1, 2019

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This book is about, well, a million million million things, so, every page it either a story or a picture and they are super fun to read together with a younger sibling or adult, or just as a family. It has fun small stories, and poems. Each poem and story is a fractured fairytale, which means they are changed in a way to make it funny.

This book is unique because it’s laid out kinda like a newspaper booklet and it’s really cool because that.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fractured fairytales, and like the book called The True Tale Of The Three Little Pigs.

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  1. Bridget, thank you so much for your review of Chicago Treasure. I think your blog is wonderful and I am so impressed by you! Keep up the great work you are doing here! Sincerely, Rich

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