Meena meets her match

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By Karla Manternach

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This book is about a girl named Meena who has a seizure. The Books starts out when she thinks everything is a contest. When she is making her president poster, she spaces out and scribbles on her paper and her teacher doesn’t even hear the teacher tell her to give it to her three times. Then she has seizure later and she goes to the hospital. One of the days before, her teacher tells them to make their valentines box. She starts by gluing candy wrappers on to her box. Because of the seizure, she is closely watched, with her parents watching her as she slept, (Creepy) and in school, kids go with her everywhere. (even the bathroom!!!😶😶) then– SPOILER ALERT 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 oops 😬😬

This book is unique because I haven’t read a book before with epilepsy in it or a kid facing such a big medical issue. Usually it is their sibling that is sick. It is different for it to be the main character.

This book could be the book for a kid dealing with a medical issue. There is also a big friendship issue which kids my age deal with a lot. I feel like it is a book for kids today – this is what life is like.

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