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By Alyson Gerber

Book Source: provided by Scholastic to review

Book Status: available March 26

I got tipped off about this book by a couple people who knew I was always looking for books about ADHD kids. Oh and I am sooo UNFOCUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book is about a girl who gets diagnosed with ADHD in 7th grade. For me that is surprising as I was diagnosed in kindergarten (but Mom says they knew earlier). It must be hard to find out something like that when you are older. Cleo has to learn how to manage ADHD with friendships (not easy), school (also not easy) and being a teen girl (really not easy). She has to learn new skills and adjust to medication.

One thing I liked is how they talk about the medication part. People think you take meds and everything is better or you become a zombie. That hasn’t been my experience. I have tried a lot of meds – some have worked and others have made me sleepy, very grumpy, not hungry, not worked at all. I see my doctor pretty often and he includes me in the discussion about meds. I didn’t like Clea’s parents saying that medication was a parent only decision- the kid needs to have a say. They are the ones taking them. I haven’t seen the medication part of ADHD in that way in a book before.

The book also talks about accommodations kids with ADHD can get in school. I have an IEP (my adhd caused a lot of issues when I first started school) but don’t always use my accommodations. The book reminded me they are to help me, not make me weird. It could help explain why a classmate takes their test in another room or uses a special computer for some work. It is just what they need.

This book also brings some mean girl experience. I may only be in fourth grade but I still have that problem. I feel like I am only one who does but books like this help me know I am not the only one.

I think all kids should read this. Having adhd is hard and this could help them understand why we act “weird” some times. Teachers and parents should also read this. My mom read it and said it was very good. I even have lent it to my therapist to read. (PS dear authors, could you also write about kid going to therapy? Txs)

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