What if…? Then we…

  • 2 min read

By Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Illustrated by Fred Koehler

Book Source: Provided for review as part of book tour

Book Status: Available


This book is about 2 polar bears who find what-if scenarios and answer them. For example,

(Polarbear1) ” What if… the ocean drained?”

(Polarbear2) ” We would wander around the sand, day and night.”

It’s really nice to read it, because it is written beautifully. The illustrations are very nice too.

This is a good book for people with anxiety who worry about everything. This book helps you see there are solutions to everything. It may not be what you think but could be cooler.

This is a book I would like to share with my therapist. I think she would like it and it could help other kids.

I really really like how it was written. It is a poem and I love poetry. Kids need more poetry!

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