Top 20 Daredevils

  • 1 min read

By Melvin & Gilda Berger

Art by Berat Pekmezci

Book Source: provided by Scholastic for reviews

Book Status: Available April 30, 2019

This book is about the top twenty daredevils of all time. They give their talent, what made them daredevil, and some of their top stunts. There is a mix of female and male daredevils so lots of people do crazy stuff.

This book is very interesting and you learn a lot. It is not the book to share with your little brother who is already a daredevil. He may try to flip off your couch, do a barrel roll or plan a bike jump, much to Mom’s dismay. (Though I have heard stories of Mom’s crazy stunts. She has broken or sprained like every bone in her body but her collarbone.)

This book should be in a class or school library for kids who like real stuff.

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