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Taking Cover

By Nioucha Homayoonfar

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: Available

This is a true story, I want to make that known!!

This book is about a girl named Nioucha who is growing up during the Iranian Revolution, and how, when she was 5, she moved )from Pittsburg, ( USA ) to Tehran ( Iran ). It’s pretty much about how she deals with the country going from a nice place to a country with a lot of rules, like girls and women needing to be covered around men. She describes it as scary and overwhelming. It sounds like a very hard way to live.

This book would be good for maybe fifth and older. It is a more mature book. I was able to read the book but I didn’t really process it that quickly. This is the kind of book I may reread it when I am older.

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The adventures of Laila and Ahmed in Syria

By Nushin Alloo

Illustrated by Shadia Kassem

Book Source: provided in exchange for a honest review

Book status: available

Prior to reading this book, I didn’t think about Syria. But now how when this story takes place, it makes me notice how Syria has now been cut apart like mosaic tiles.

This book is about a pair of siblings, and how they trek across Syria on an adventure set up by their Grandpa. Now, they ARE NOT from Syria. They are transported to Syria in a magical doorway that their grandpas journal opened up. On the journey they meet many people who knew their grandpa and aid them.

I recommend this book to 2nd and 3rd graders. ( they may need help reading it, though )

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Kiki and Jacques

By Susan Ross

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

After reading SEARCHING FOR LOTTIE, I decided I wanted to read Susan’s other book. This is based in Maine. Now on with the review………………

This book is about French Canadian Boy Jacques who lives in a town with many arrivals from Somalia.( They went to Atlanta first though ) On of which is Kiki, a girl with a mysterious scar. So then, they go to school. Kiki sits next to Jacques and has her locker next to Jacques. But then there’s Duane who is trying to force Jacques into part of his escape plan after him hurting Mr. Silverstein and robbing the Army Navy store. Yeah Duane is evil. Oh and he has soccer practice and he’s co-captain with a Somali boy, he’s Kiki’s brother, his name is Muhammad. Oh and his dad is jobless. Oh and his grandmother is going to lose her bridal shop. Oh and his mother died years ago, oh and his grandpa died years ago. Well he must be really stressed. So yeah it’s hard.

Oh wow. I am telling you the whole story because well, I can’t stop. This book is AWESOME. It is official Susan Ross is one of my favorite authors. She tells a story you can’t put down. And you learn so much from them.

I recommend Kiki and Jacques to fourth and fifth grade classes. They would learn so much and could start a great conversation.

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Under my hijab

By Hena Khan

Illustrated by Aaliya Jaleel

Book Source: Borrowed from library

Book Status: available

You might see a theme in my reviews. Fate brought me a lot of books about cultures in the news. I finished them all around the same time so I am bringing you the reviews this week. I hope a teacher or librarian will pay attention to these as they were helpful for kid. (Ps plus a girl is the main character in all of them) Now on to today’s review…

This book is about how during activity’s and work, how some Muslim woman wear a hijab and at home they don’t wear one.

In the back page it explains what the hijab is, and how not all Muslim woman wear it. This was very helpful in understanding the hijab because you hear so many bad things about it.

The illustrations are REALLY REALLY good. And this was the illustrators first book!!

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The Pepper Party picks the perfect pet

By Jay Cooper

Book Source: Provided by Scholastic in exchange for a review

Book Status: Available May 28, 2019

This book is about the Pepper Family who don’t do pets, but Annie really wants a puppy named Azzie. They decide to get a pet, but they use a hat instead letting Annie pick, even though Annie should. So they go through each sibling until they have no more chances. But see who hasn’t picked, 🤨🤨 Annie!! So she fixes her———————SPOILER ALERT🚨🚨SPOILER🚨🚨

I Recommend this book to 2nd graders. I also recommend it to people who need a laugh.

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The Knowing Book

By Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Illustrated by Matthew Cordell

Book Status: Available

This book was intriguing to me cause its made by two authors I love!!

This book is about how to know the sky is blue, know that its ok to cry, just know. I like it and it’s kinda like a mindfulness book!! 🙂📕🙂📕🙂📕🙂📕🙂📕🙂📕🙂📕🙂📕

I recommend this book to anyone who needs a book to help with anger and unclamped stuff!!

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The hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter

By Diane Magras

Book Source: Purchased by me (aka my parents)

Book Status: Available

This is the second book in a series. I don’t know if there will be a third based on the ending but there could be. Anyway, in this book, Drest is on the run with her friends. Sir Oswin still has control over Emerick’s castle and they can’t go home until that is fixed. A lot of things have to happen from the start of the book to getting control of the castle including leaving Phearsham Ridge.

Once again this is an adventure with a strong female. She is even more dangerous than the Mad Wolf and his sons. She is even the youngest. Drest is not someone I recommend crossing. She is the reasons the main good characters survive.

I recommend this book to people who liked the first one. To kids who like an adventure. Kids who like mythology might like this too. I think this is best for fourth grade up.

Oh and the Mom is not who you think she is…