The Cows Go Moo!

  • 2 min read

By Jim Petipas

Book Source: Provided by Jim for review

Book Status: Available

Today’s book would be a fun addition to read aloud in a classroom. You could even use the video of the song as the storyteller. It is a funny book about cows! You can learn facts about cows through the book like some eat their cud and some fart A LOT.

This book has a super neat goodwill aspect to it. They donate 10% of the profits to Heifer International to help buy cows for people in need. I think that is a cool way to share goodwill through books. To celebrate I am giving away a copy of this book on twitter (@bridgetnbooks) . Check out my twitter for more info!

The goodwill could be a cool discussion in class. Kids want to be charitable and have lots of great ideas.

Overall I think this book is awesome. It is silly, funny, a good read aloud and a doing good book. What else could ask for in a book, especially during Reading Month!

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