Greetings from Witness Protection

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By Jake Burt

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I posted about having a book wall, and SnazzyReads’ mom told me about this book. She was totally right! It’s sooo cool!

This book is about a girl who is in foster care. Her name is Nicki Demere. One day she is taken to the transition room where US Marshals are sitting. They ask many questions, but Nicki,  who is a great pickpocket gets answers her own way, pickpocketing! When they tell her she is going to be in the WITSEC program, (witness protection) she is shocked. The family is in witness protection because the mom is a lawyer who went against her family, professional criminals……… The Cercatores!!!  The mom is also, like, Nicki’s identical twin. ( nope not family!!) They  are part of a family of criminals but they are not criminals. The son is not happy about getting a sister.  He blames Nicki that all of their problems are because of her. She has to pick a new name before training and she picks Charlotte.  And from there on is a crazy and fantastic adventure about finding your place in your family.

I am shutting up now because I would spoiler alert the whole thing.  It was that good. So good, I am not happy there is no sequel planned. There needs to be. 

This book is interesting to learn about foster care. I didn’t know much about foster care before it. It sounds like a bummer for kids. I don’t know if they really put foster kids in witness protection families but it is an interesting idea.

I recommend this book to fourth, fifth and sixth grade readers who want a fun adventure.

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