From an idea to….

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By Lowey Bundy Sichol

Illustrations by CS Jennings

Book Source: Provided by Media Masters Publicity for review

Book Status: Available

I’m reviewing 2 books now, and both are about how major businesses and how they came to be.

One book was about Nike, the shoe company, not the goddess. I never really thought much about my shoe company or who I am wearing. Some people do. In this book I learned that Nike is the biggest shoe company in the world. I learned a track athlete and a coach became the perfect pair to make shoes. Now it is so much more than shoes.

The Disney was less interesting because I already knew a lot of the story. Plus two pages were movies and their dates. This would be very interesting for a kid interested in Disney and how it became everything it is now!

These were different books for me to read because they were real stories. I had never thought to read about businesses. I bet a lot of kids hadn’t considered reading business books. It was cool to have these books written at a kid level. The explanation of what “going public” means was really cool and easy to understand. I am not going to tell you it because you should read these.

I am still struggling with my book wall. These were a nice change of pace for me.

One of the best things about being a book reviewer is I am always being provided books I would not have read otherwise. It helps me not get stuck in reading just one style.

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