Kiki and Jacques

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By Susan Ross

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After reading SEARCHING FOR LOTTIE, I decided I wanted to read Susan’s other book. This is based in Maine. Now on with the review………………

This book is about French Canadian Boy Jacques who lives in a town with many arrivals from Somalia.( They went to Atlanta first though ) On of which is Kiki, a girl with a mysterious scar. So then, they go to school. Kiki sits next to Jacques and has her locker next to Jacques. But then there’s Duane who is trying to force Jacques into part of his escape plan after him hurting Mr. Silverstein and robbing the Army Navy store. Yeah Duane is evil. Oh and he has soccer practice and he’s co-captain with a Somali boy, he’s Kiki’s brother, his name is Muhammad. Oh and his dad is jobless. Oh and his grandmother is going to lose her bridal shop. Oh and his mother died years ago, oh and his grandpa died years ago. Well he must be really stressed. So yeah it’s hard.

Oh wow. I am telling you the whole story because well, I can’t stop. This book is AWESOME. It is official Susan Ross is one of my favorite authors. She tells a story you can’t put down. And you learn so much from them.

I recommend Kiki and Jacques to fourth and fifth grade classes. They would learn so much and could start a great conversation.

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