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Thisby Thestoop and the Wretched Scrattle

By Zac Gorman

Illustrations by Sam Bosma

Book Source: purchased by me

Book Status : available

Thisby is BACK!! And this time she’s saving the Dungeon! Again! This time rumors of war on Umberfall have reached the king, who sends an royally appointed overseer to oversee the dungeon in case of Umberfallians who would like to very much see too a war. But, an adventurer shortage makes a gold shortage which make the overseer make the Wretched Scrattle happen again, but the last time it happened was a couple hundred years ago, so the rules need some changing. But then Thisby’s beloved Grunda quits, in light of having to work for Marl, the overseer. But Grunda goes to Iphigenia, the crown princess who is also Thisby’s BFF. She will happily sign Thisby’s form to enter the Wretched Scrattle, ( they had to have had a dungeon official and royalty or a royally appointed official sign it) now they need a dungeon official. Oh yeah, Marl doesn’t want Thisby to win, nor anyone else, but the master is in favor of Thisby because 1. He hates that you can’t even so much as step outside of the castle when you’re master and 2. He thinks Thisby is the best person since he’s been doing his job since the dawn of the dungeon. ( not in one term, not in two side by side, two entirely separate terms, which kinda makes you think that that isn’t possible since masters serve until the end of their life!)SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, I almost told you his real identity

I recommend this book to kids 4th grade + because it’s so great!!!! I also recommend this book to kids who like monster, adventure, magical bad guys, and stuff like that!!

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Double Astronaut Fun

The First Men Who went to the Moon by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Illustrated by Scott Brundage

Book Source: purchased at book event

The Astronaut who painted the moon by Dean Robbins

Illustrated by Sean Rubin

Book Source: sent for review by Scholastic

Book Status: available May 28, 2019

Reviewer – Little Brother

This is the amazingly awesome Astronaut loving little brother taking over the blog to share about two Astronaut books.

The First Men Who went to the Moon is about space and the first lunar landing. It talks about their prep, landing and how people reacted. There are Moon facts in the book too.

This book would be good for kids who want to learn about space and going to the Moon. This year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing so now would be a good time to learn about it. Second grade classes could use this book! I read it by myself!

The Astronaut who painted the moon is about Alan Bean. He was the fourth man to land on the moon. He was also an artist. When he got back to Earth, he painted what he saw on the moon.

This would be a good book for art classes to talk about the moon landings. Mom says it is also a good way to show how you can use art to share an experience. I think this book would be good in classes.

The two books go together really well. I am adding them to my space shelf with the book by Buzz Aldrin! I like space and hope to go one day.

Last year I met an Astronaut when we were at Kennedy Space Center.

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Adventures under the strangebow

By Julia Devillers

Illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Book Source: bought at Justice

Book Status: Available

I like Justice the store. Like pretty much every other girl, and I love their books!! I love the books because 1. I think they are awesome,

And 2. They are illustrated by Rafael Rosado

So I love it! Now on with the review…

This book is about the ULTRA-SQUAD and what they do when they find themselves on alternate Earth and how they deal with a strangebow , and alternate thems!!!

I recommend this book to kids who like superhero girls, and epic, (bizarrely awesome) battles!

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The Reluctant Owlet

By Yancy Lael with Chance MARTIN

Book Source: e-copy Provided by author

Book Status: Available

This book about an owlet who does not want to fly, even though it’s siblings have learned already. The owlet goes through all the what if’s, and never really thinks about, what if… she does fly.

This book has a moral, I know it, I think it is… Do not think of what might happen, should you fail, think of what might happen, should you succeed.

I recommend this book to younger kids who are reluctant to do something. It helps you realize to not think what might happen if you fail, think what might if you succeed!

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Good Night Library

By Denise Brennan-Nelson

illustrated by Marco Bucci

Book Source: purchased

Book status: Available

This book is about saying good night to everything about the library! It says good night to the books, puppet theatre, the studying, the beanbags, and all the other things about the library!

I recommend this book to everyone!! It is so nice, and the illustrations are really cool!!

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You Are

By Stephanie Tayla

Book Source: Purchased

Book Status: Available

This book is about how you are great and positive and everything good! Each page has an animals and you are…… and then the positive word! It’s great and it’s very cool that the end page has all the words and more words!

With my ADHD it’s a great book cause your always making mistakes and getting in trouble and sometimes getting bad grades because careless mistakes you should have noticed, so hearing positive words it makes you feel more confident!😀

I recommend this book to anyone that needs to hear something positive about them! It’s a great book for little kids because it’s not at all hard to read!