Over the moon

  • 2 min read

By Natalie Lloyd

Book Source: provided for review

Book Status: Available

This book is about a girl named Mallie who lives on a mountain called Coal Top, where to work, most people go down to the valley. There are quite literally 2 professions if you live on Coal Top, maid ( girls ) and miner ( boys ). So it’s pretty boring. But then the guardians ( the people who supposedly protect the valley and mountain) threaten to take her little brother if they don’t pay 4,000 moneys! Then she finds a poster that announces a contest in which you train a flying horse and collect gold powder to get 1,000 moneys per mountain she jumps at the chance. Oh and theres dust in the sky that is poisonous ( or so they say!) that snuffed out the stars and you never see the sky, you only know the time by the light coming through the dust!! I could talk all day but I can’t spoil it so that’s enough about the book!!

I recommend this book to 4-6 grade kids that like Pegasus’s, adventure and mystery!!

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