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This promise of change

By Jo Ann Allen Boyce & Debbie Levy

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: Available

This book is of the real experiences of the the kids in the book.

This book is about a girl named Jo Ann who is going to go to an all white school, with 11 other kids. This is the first time it happens in the US South. When she goes, there are mobs and people saying mean words, threatening, and even throwing rocks! It is horrible! But it doesn’t die down, at one time the U.S. army must come in, and they still don’t resist attacking. They even attack on of the kids boyfriend! And the boy was part of the army! It does die down, but not for long, it forces Jo Ann to move to California later that year, forcing her to abandon what she started. A few years later, somebody bombs the high school Jo Ann helped desegregate because of the movement.

I recommend this book to older kids because it might be too intense for younger ones.

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