Double review! Books by Kristin Pierce

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Books by Kristin Pierce

Book Source: e-copies provided in exchange for review

Book Status: available

Your Inner Compass That Could

This book is about following your conscience or your guts. It shows that you can choose right from wrong, good from bad, even when others aren’t. It has a moral, and that moral is, ” When given the choice of right or wrong, choose right no matter what might happen ”

I recommend this book to everyone, because everyone needs a reminder to choose right no matter what!

Mayva O’Meere Creationeer

This book is about releasing creativity. It’s also kinda a book for parents because it’s about a girl who parents don’t like her creativity, so they don’t let her release it! So Mayva, our star, loves art but she tries to, uh, ” repaint ” her parents car, so she gets in trouble, then she enters an art contest, okay I’ll spoil it if I say more!

I recommend this to parents, because sometimes parents don’t approve of creativity because they don’t understand it!

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