The worst class trip ever

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By Dave Barry

Book Source: bought by my parents

Book Status: available

My mom picked this up for me because I am stuck in a negative loop right now. She says things are the worst a lot. So this book is about a class trip to Washington DC. They live far enough they need to fly there . On the flight is when everything starts to go bad. There are two suspicious people sitting near the two main characters, Wyatt and Matt. The men won’t let the flight attendants take their bags and insist on holding them in their lap. Matt is thinking outrageously and says there is a bomb. No, no, no – it is a dragon head. And it is an outrageously fun start to the book which is super fun at this stressful end of the school year period.

This book was a very fun read. It was a quick book for me. I think fourth and fifth grade students would really enjoy it. They would think outrageously with the facts in the book. This is also a good book on why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Oh and I don’t want to go on a class trip with these two boys!

PS just because it is that time of year, did you know Tim Kubart has a really fun field trip song? Though we want to know what is a sandwich factory?

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