Elements of Genius: Nikki Tesla and the Ferret-Proof Death Ray

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By Jess Keating

Book Source: ARC provided by Scholastics for review

Book Status: Available July 9, 2019

Hello everybody! It was exciting to get this ARC before my long weekend even if I had forgotten I had requested. End of the school year brain. This book is amazing. I didn’t put it down. I literally stayed up all night reading ! (Mom was out of town and my dad didn’t notice)

I am not going to tell you what the book is about because you can find that out online. I want to share why kids will like this book.

1. The character mix – their names Are based on real geniuses and important science people like Grace O’Malley or Albert Einstein. The kids are super smart in areas similar to that of their name twin’s area.

2. There is a ferret who likes French fries with gravy and could be an evil villain in training. Or it could be clumsy

3. There really are no grownups. The kids are in charge and solve international mysteries and can get whatever they want.

4. They go to school and there are only 7 of them

5. Science and math are woven through out the book. It is shared in a way that is interesting and not scary. Even super hard math seems fascinating and something I might want to learn more on. Like the Fibonacci Sequence

6. The book deals with social issues which is something kids really really have a problem with. (An awful lot of the books I am reading right now are about social issues of middle grades. So does that mean even the grownups had the same problems at this age and no one has figured out how to stop middle graders from being mean?)

7. This is only book one and I am not happy about waiting for book 2. I hate when books end in a cliffhanger and the next book isn’t available for a long time

So if you teach the middle grades, have a middle grader, like spy adventures, like math and science, you might want to pre-order this.

Jess Keating – you are amazing! I hope to see you at NerdCampMi

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