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Girls with Guts

By Debbie Gonzales

Illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon

Book Source: bought at book event

Book Status: Available

I liked doing my review of Nikki Tesla as a list. I am going to try doing my reviews as at least the 5 reasons why kids might like the book. This should also keep me from revealing too many spoilers!

Today’s book was suggested to me in a recent author interview. When I looked it up, I found the author was having an event that weekend near me. Road trip!

Five reasons why kids will like Girls with Guts

1. It shows girls doing athletics when men said they couldn’t

2. It is all about real women and girls so you could go read more about a specific person.

3. If you had to find an interesting woman to write about for school, this would be a good source for unique subjects

4. If you read like I do, you might see connections from these real world events to stories we have read. Like I think if Althea Gibson has never won her match, I don’t think Parker Inheritance would have happened.

5. Even boys will be interested in the sports accomplishments of these women

This is an upper grade picture book so not really for littles. You could read them a chapter at a time.

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