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The Almost Epic Squad: Mucus Mayhem

By Kevin Sylvester

Illustrated by Britt Wilson

Book Source: bought at TCAF

Book Status: Available

I met Kevin Sylvester at NerdCampMi last year. He is super funny and we took a super silly photo together. He is using it as his official NerdCamp author photo. Haha! I finally got a copy of one of his books to review.

Five reasons why you should read this

1. The main character is allergic to pretty much everything. For kids like me with allergies, the allergy kid is not often the main character.

2. It turns out the allergies are a super power

3. Did you pick up the main character is a girl and it is a superhero adventure! Woohoo for girl super hero

4. It is a super fun adventure that was exciting to read. This would be a great summer read for someone who needs a break from serious books but still wants to read a chapter book.

5. Britt Wilson did the illustrations that make this a partial graphic novel. It starts out as a graphic novel and then becomes a novel

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