Nightlights & Hicotea

  • 2 min read

By Lorena Alvarez

Book Source: bought at TCAF

Book Status: Available

I had the chance to listen to Lorena Alvarez explain her process at TCAF. I also picked up her books. My interview with her will be posted on Wednesday.

Now my reasons why you will her two books (they are a series)

1. Her art is absolutely gorgeous, which is funny because it is kind of a dark story. She is a colorful, brilliant illustrator.

2. The story is super interesting even if dark. It is about a girl and her imagination.

3. Because it is about imagination, it leaves a lot of opportunities for creativity. She really explores those.

4. Can I say the artwork again? I would love to have her illustrations on my wall. She showed some crafty projects which are also cute.

5. It involves school and a new girl…. Or is she? There is a field trip to a wetland, a grumpy teacher and well kinds of things that happen at school. Middle grade kids will relate to it.

So check this out…

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