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The Bridge Home

By Padma Venkatraman

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: Available

My reasons why kids should read this book.

1. This was a hard book to read. They don’t say when the story takes place but Mom says it could be now. She said there are kids who live like this now. This story shows how other kids live now.

2. There strong girl characters. Both the main character and her sister. The sister is even most likely a special needs kid and guess what – she is still a valuable member of the team.

3. They create their own family that is loving and caring. Their parents don’t treat them well so they run away. They meet two boys who become their brothers.

4. The title can mean so many different things. There is the actual “Bridge Home” but it could also mean finding their home.

5. The story is sad and hard. As the author states in her note, it is based on real stories. It helps kids see life could be worse. Maybe it will even inspire them to want to do something for others.

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