Penny n’ Pals

  • 2 min read

By Jenny Brunstein

Illustrations by Kirsten Winkelbauer

Book Source: provided in exchange for a review

Book Status: available

1. This is the story of a pet adoption. A boy adopts a puppy and it is really funny

2. It is very realistic with some parts that are a little exaggerated. Like when the puppy threw up on the boy

3. Kids like having pets. This is a good book for kids getting a new pet.

4. This is a good book for new readers. It is short and easy to read.

5. The illustrations are so cute. It makes you want to have a puppy (except I can’t because Lil Bro is very allergic to dogs).

6. And for no reason except he is super cute, here is a photo of our newest kitty. He is Lil Bro’s best bud and still very tiny.

Now we have three cats!

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