Shred Girls: Lindsay’s Joyride

  • 2 min read

By Molly Hurford

Illustrations by Violet Lemay

Book Source: my library

Book Status: Available

1. Uh I can’t wait for book 2 or 3 or how ever many there are going to be

2. This is the story of a girl doing something you don’t hear about girls doing often – BMX. There is even a boy in the book who complains about the girls

3. The dog’s name is Penguin. Doh, why didn’t I think about that with my cats

4. The first few chapters are a little slow but if you get through them, you can’t put the book down. It is like learning to ride BMX – a little hard work and you get something awesome

5. It does have some middle school social drama but different than other books. She is intentionally doing her own thing and thinks people don’t like her. But really she is the one keeping them away.

6. The author is a real cyclist and outdoor writer. She seems pretty cool.

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