Forgotten Beast

  • 1 min read

By Matt Sewell

Book Source: copy provided by Media Masters Publicity for review

Book Status: Available July 30,2019

Book reviewer: Lil Brother

This is another book I have lost to Little Brother. He keeps rereading it. His reasons why kids will like this book are…

1. The beasts in the book were HUGE. They had big wingspans and very large weird body parts. Kids can practice math and sizing with the book.

2. It is fun to try to figure out what came from these animals. There was one that is a pig-hippi-whale relative. WHAT?

3. The illustrations are really fun.

4. The descriptions are very funny.

5. And I want two as pets when I am a grown-up so I need to build a time machine.

6. Kids who don’t want to read about boring things will love this book.

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