It’s your world now

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By Barry Falls

Book Source: review copy provided by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: Available July 30, 2019

BTW this is the 800th post on my blog!!!

This book came in my recent package from Media Masters Publicity. You see them as a book source a lot here. They really do represent a lot of good books. I really like getting their inquiry emails because it is like opening a present.

Now the reasons why this book is a must have

1. It tells you the truth that people are going to say don’t try, you will fail and just in general be negative.

2. It also tells you to do whatever you want.

3. It is a big long poem that is so much better of you read it out loud. I would love to see Emily Arrow make a song about it.

4. The illustrations are really cool and creative. I really like the style.

5. This is one of the books to show that picture books are for everyone. A little kid can’t read this alone. It made Mom cry because so sweet.

I really really think you all need to order this!

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