The itty-bitty witch

  • 2 min read

By Trisha Speed Shaskan

Illustrated by Xindi Yan

Book Source: gifted to me by author

Book Status: Available July 16, 2019

Trisha is an author I met through another author, Aimee Bissonnette. Though after meeting, I found books by Trisha already on my bookshelf. She shared with me a copy of her newest book out next week. Here are reasons why kids will like it

1. It is about a witch and we like books about them

2. It is about bullying. A book like this can be useful for a little kid who is dealing with that.

3. It is also about determination and trying hard even when you feel bad.

4. It is a picture book so perfect for younger kids and classroom reading. It would be a good way to have a class discussion about name calling and being mean to other kids.

5. Even though it is about a witch, it is not a Halloween book. It could be read any time of the year.

6. The illustrations are really fun and detailed.

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