Dragons from Mars go to School

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By Deborah Aronson

Illustrated by Colin Jack

Book Source: gifted to me by author to review

Book Status: available

Deborah lives near me and offered to drop her newest book off. Her timing was perfect as Lil’ Brother and I were making posters for the school supply drive Mom will be running at work. Deborah’s newest book has her Dragons from Mars going to school!

1. This book would be good for kids getting ready to go back to school.

2. It shows how people can be mean and how using your words can help change the situation.

3. The dragons are still wicked silly.

4. Deborah does a great job with her rhymes. Some make you really think.

5. This would be a fun book for an older kid to read to a younger class especially at the beginning of school. Like a fifth grader to kindergartners.

And hey since we are talking about back to school. Did you know a lot of schools do back to school drives? We have helped Mom with one for seven years. The supplies go to my school district where over 50% of the kids get free or reduced lunch. Donating supplies takes the pressure of parents and teachers.

If you can help a school with supplies it is great and easy to do. You can buy school supplies for super cheap the next few weeks.

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