Review partner

Meet Rebel, my new book reading and review partner. She is the litter mate of my brother’s kitten. They are rescue kittens just like our one year old cats.

Mom isn’t sure how we went from no cats to four in 7 months.

I just read “The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise” by Dan Gemeinhart and loved how she met Ivan. I have been jealous of Lil Bro and his kitten so my parents said if I had a Coyote Sunrise moment with a kitten, they would let us add one final kitten.

One of our older cats is loving having kittens around. The other is not so happy. Funny thing is the not happy cat was supposed to be our only cat. When the shelter called to arrange her adoption, they convinced Dad to adopt her foster sister. They are both tabbies and look a lot a like, but aren’t blood related.

Now I need to learn to take care of my kitten.

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