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The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

By Dan Gemeinhart

Book Source: my library

Book status: available

I heard about this book from NerdCamp attendees. Dan was at the event but u didn’t get to meet him. Anyway here are why I LOVED this book..

1. The very first scene is Coyote getting a kitten. She and the kitten just clicked. It helped me understand why some of my cats don’t have the same bond. But this past weekend I had my Coyote with the most awesome kitten, Rebel. She lives with me now and I didn’t have to hide her from my parents.

2. The book is about finding your people and knowing they aren’t always who you expect. You just need to be open to meeting people.

3. You can’t hide from the past. Sometimes you need to face it to keep moving forward.

4. Kids shouldn’t drive a remodeled school bus.

5. A goat in a school bus is an awesome visual

6. This is just the perfect book for middle graders. It isn’t a girls book because boys will like the adventure.

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